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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  August 18, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. we begin with a breaking news alert. breaking overnight, another statue gone. it happened while you were asleep larry: plus, new developments out of spain. another round of violence. the latest just coming in. autria: plus, the health scare and expensive surgery for mark
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right now, a moment of silence for the victims in barcelona terror attacks. let's listen in. autria: just wrapping up a moment of silence in barcelona at the a respect for victims of the terror attacks. 13 so far today, more than 100 injured. we will have the latest coming up. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] larry: and it is a weather alert daytrading autria: let's get to -- day. autria: let's get to veronica johnson. veronica: we have high
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and humidity today. the national weather service has issued a heat advisory around dcu strong storms may mean for the afternoon hours. for the late morning, we did have a few popping thunderstorms a.m.9:00 we are a few days away from the eclipse.dier solar the afternoon and evening hours, 7:00, i know it will all be open if you are out there running any errands, heat and humidity brought down quickly with this cold front coming through. kentucky. to become a more comfortable weekend to follow. julie: all right, julie, inbound from the west come off of 66 having if not -- heading east
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found, -- eastbound, once you get past 28, things waynitely improve all the toward the capital beltway come up again, eastbound 66, trouble here at centerville. a 35 minute along college park. no problems have been reported. that is our traffic watch. we will be back in the next 10 minutes. will update your ride in the northeast. larry: are tracking to major development overnight. autria: a shootout in spain. five people dead, and there is were coming in from police. first, we want to get started in from annapolis. of roger taneyue coming down. john gonzalez is live. john: good morning. a statue list of from 150 years on the
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house in annapolis, in fact some of right in front of the statehouse, has now been reduced to -- well, look for yourself. it is now a wooden box covering a stone base. crew stimulus to protect the granite from being vandalized overnight. rolling with ae small group of spectators who literally cheered when it was removed. the statue of supreme court justice roger tani was moved taney was moved office space. it is actually the second roger taney statute come down in maryland this week, one of along with three confederate statues moved yesterday in baltimore. 18 57 when in supreme court johnny rolled -- 1857 when supreme court justice roger taney
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against dred scott. tois now gone, being moved an archive facility. a thousand dollars to take it down. reporting live, john gonzalez, "good morning washington." larry: thank you. a devastating attack in barcelona. n plowed into a crowd and a shooting. adrianna: a van plowed into veterans and police officers and yet another car attack there. hurt, including one police officer who is apparently armed with a knife. this comes after a white van mow barcelona.rians in 13 people were killed, dozens more injured.
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for now, the van's driver is on the loose. the promenade has reopened this morning. , any responseight from here at home. take a look at this. all dulles from the area muslim society. xavier horrified and end by the attack in barcelona. "nothing can justify such evil action." autria: you can stay up-to-date with breaking news out of spain by signing up for text alerts at investigators are trying to pinpoint because of aext. late-night house fire in falls church. the fire broke out at 10:45 p.m. near sheffield court. firefighters quickly put up the claims, and everyone did make it out safely. larry: keeping a close eye on charlottesville today. mayor michael
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nor will announce plans for future safety of public events during that will be announced today. this year, getting help from students in d.c. they will meet with community members and organize on campus. larry: a final goodbye to the state troopers killed in saturday's helicopter crash. they were helping monitor the thelottesville riots when chopper went down during the funeral is set for -- enrichment. new overnight, we have learned that national's principal learner -- owner mark
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april, but heal properly. amputation was his best choice to maintain an active lifestyle, and he is now free. thener's family purchased nationals from major league baseball back in 2006. larry: the links that people are going to this week to get the best possible view of the solar eclipse. we have the next. plus, it is a weather alert a.
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veronica: ok, if you are heading out the door right now, here is a look at your best through the day -- forecast through the day. it is quiet on area roads. we do not have any rain falling, but by late morning from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., we will see pockets of
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showers, maybe heavier rain come and cannot rule out a thunderstorm. by lunchtime, definitely by the evening rush, we will start to see those storms. for now, 78 degrees come our warmest morning in the work week. 90's and., mid everywhere oppressive as the storm chances fire. prince george's. county by the afternoon, 1:00, lunchtime we are quiet. there is your line of powerful storms coming through right around the evening rush, julie. later tonight committee will start clearing out. great weekend ahead with all the fairs. julie: speaking affairs, you will be out at the demolition derby tonight. -- of
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fairs, you will be out at the demolition derby tonight. as travel out of manassas heading back toward centreville, just got off the phone from mpd, they are responding to a crash possibly involving a pedestrian. southbound lanes are closed, northbound traffic is able to get by. outer loop of the beltway starting to slow know from silver springs, impacting colesville road. a 13-minute right thing heading to 270. that is our traffic watch. we will be back in the next 10 minutes. autria: there are big changes on the way the next time you fly. sam sweeney tells us all about it. is national aviation day, and i am sitting in a jet engine -- where else would i be? i will tell you what 16 lucky people are getting
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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. 15tria: that now at 6: following the latest in barcelona after a deadly terror attack. 13 dead and many more injured after a van drove into a crowd. the driver is still on the run this morning. we are hearing bone chilling firsthand accounts of the moment the van came down the street. >> i was at the market, which is one of the biggest markets on the entire street of las ramblas, and i was about 20 feet away from the middle of the street. the second the car drove, people , runninglowing in towards me and my family. autria: isis has claimed responsibility for this attack. about 125 miles south of
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officer were run down by a car in camp rules -- in cambrilles. they were wearing fake suicide vests. deadliestwas the terror incident in spain since march of 2004 when nearly 200 people were killed by bomb planted in cars near a commuter train in madrid. a bomb robot reported a suspicious van. fortunately, no flights were impacted. we are a few days away from the total eclipse. thousands are heading to oregon. travelers have come to the airport just wanted to let alone. 17,000 cars will be written over a three-day period.
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that rental locations sees in an entire week. >> i saw the first of puts in 1979. >> i am 75, and this is the last one i c. >> i've seen a partial. i have never seen a total. larry: oregon has already seen a share of traffic jams. traffic was backed up to 15 miles at one point. autria: 6:18. happening right now, it is a celebration of all things aviation. sam sweeney is live at reagan national airport right now with more. ? sam: autria, it is the ease of national aviation day to celebrate the achievement of flight and also wilbur wright's birthday. we are celebrating the day with american airlines. they have a very special partnership with airlinegee thousands of p
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here on the tour mark or one of 16 other airports around the world celebrating. you can check out the planes and the man who makes all of this happen. here as an working volunteer helper. ryan, you work at one of the biggest airlines of the world to make one of the biggest days happen. most 18-year-olds don't do that. ryan: when you love something like i do, it makes your passion go. that is why i do it. sam: what are you looking forward to today? ryan: to show people what the airline industry is all about. sam: what are we going to do today? ryan: take a tour of the ramp area, and aircraft for, be shown around by a pilot and two flight attendants. sam: ok, i'm going to do this. i have never done this before. back to you.
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there amidst all those planes. all right, sam. right now, we have two sets of four tickets to nationals game. it is anthony rendon's bobblehead night. 703-528-7334. again, two sets of four tickets. veronica: can somebody please make them all -- bobble. bobbly,♪ bobble, baby, baby ♪ [laughter] autria: i mean, when you have got hair like that. he has got it going on. [laughter] the weathersy in center today. that is for sure. storms coming our
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way later today as well as the high heat and humidity. some downpours on area roads. a little father this morning. low visibility. area, makeound the sure you've all ahead if you have a flight that leaves out today after 4:00, 5:00, it could be delayed just a bit. hair, we are ok. this morning am already some rain will start developing and pushing to the east. we have a line on the way up to new york city, atlantic city, ,round laguardia, around newark there is stretching from the northeast on the weekends areas like richmond. stronger storms for the afternoon, even this evening, until this system passes. we are quiet for your saturday. sunday, any rain you get will be mainly to the mountains, stretching down along areas of high-81. that is
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today for the upcoming weekend. this view, showing the heat advisory not everywhere. at the hourly feels-like temperature, julie, from 1:00 until 4:00 p.m. again, a hotter weekend with highs in the 80's, julie. julie: you will find lanes are open traveling between college park in bethesda. earlier crash along 66 is also been cleared. if you are traveling in virginia, all lanes are open coming northbound i-95. southbound 16th street, this is where cap the earlier crash near military road arithmetic to be now gone. all roads are open working your way to northwest. 95 between 17 and quantico, a 14-minute trek. northbound, like traffic in your favor this morning. a 19-minute from 121 back to the late divided. that is our traffic watch.
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we will update the ride on 95 in maryland. autria: all right, julie, thank you. 6:22 now. parents speaking out. a brand-new study and what j
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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. study what parents think about concussions and their kids. >> in this morning's "gma" first look, researchers in arizona want parents to know concussions are not limited to the gridiron. in a new survey, 85% of parents say they would permit their theirts from -- prevents students from participating in context the sport -- sports. nine out of 10 parents say they would let their kids play soccer, even though soccer has the highest incidence of concussions. >>
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in girls sports. the number one in greece is in sheer. -- increase is in cheer. >> alexis has three concussions. alexis: i cannot read come i cannot write. "gma" first look, i am linsey davis.
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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. two big breaking stories while you slept as maryland removes a controversial statue from the grounds in the statehouse after the violence in charlottesville, va. autria: another attack and issued out and more
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spain. good morning, washington feared i am autria godfrey. larry: i am larry smith. let's go to veronica johnson for a check of your forecast that includes some storms out there. veronica: that is right. hopefully folks will be tuning in to us later. the stormwatch 7 out. uggy.he door, it is m advisory starts at 11:00 a.m. and continues through the afternoon hours with the risk of storms. looking at the data, maybe a tornado warning or to not out of the question. 90.mercury over it will feel like we are over 100 for a couple of hours today. issued with the possibility of some storms we get, not only flash flooding wasn't damaging winds. fact, the guidance is showing areas of orange and yellow come of it there could be some power outages. i do think for
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hours, by 6:00, on through 9:00, we will cancel power outages, especially southeast d.c. the weekend will be much better. today, we get up to 90 degrees. it is the 80's for the weekend, julie, and we will take a look at the weather for the upcoming festival. fore: we have problems those heading northbound i-95 and tried to make your way up toward bwi. we have a crashed north by 95 between route 100 and 895 and involvinge vehicle -- one vehicle. it is causing delays. you can see for yourself, no joke, standing room only pushing north basically from 175 heading up to the accident scene and then coming southbound, you will find yourself on the bridge as you use i-95 heading south. again, the crashes on the northbound side of the highway. if you're going
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but stick with 295. these northbound lanes are starting to slow. taking you 95 in virginia, a different story here. it is nice and clear here, a 14-minute commute coming out of fredericksburg. that is our traffic watch. we will be back in the next 10 minutes. larry? 33, breaking overnight, another round of violence in spain. autria: officers opened fire, killing people suspected of a car attack. italy row has details -- emily rau has details. emily: once again, the european community is reeling from a terrorist attack him and this one in the heart of barcelona. isis has already claimed responsibility.
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you are seeing video from barcelona. in the know so far come early evening hours come around 5:30 p.m. last night, a white jumped the curb and straight into a crowd of people. this is a very popular tourist destination. ramblas is the name, the area of the city, and it is leaving behind a trail of terror. at least 13 people have died. 100 more have been injured. we know the police have arrested at least two people. also investigating something that happens to the south of barcelona, about 90 minutes away. police are saying they shot and killed five terror suspects in a seaside community they are connected to what happened in barcelona. again, a lot
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get the very latest. we will pass them to u.s. and as we can. in northwest, emily rau, "good morning washington." larry: thank you for that. you can sign up for text alerts at autria: i, crews have searched -- expanded their search area for five u.s. soldiers still missing after the black hawk helicopter crash. the search area grew about 50 miles because of rough currents in the area. so far, crews have only managed to find pieces of debris at a helmet. follow this morning following the deadly collision between the uss fitzgerald and a cargo ship. the captain of the fitzgerald will be relieved from command and more than a dozen other savers will be punished. seven sailors were killed. flawless in keeping watch co
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larry: a student in south carolina michelle obama over the holidays. he sent a christmas card to mrs. obama. -- he sentm a letter her a letter saying how thankful he was that she was the president was the wife. brown forgot all about it, until the former first lady finally got back to her. >> thank you so much. i love to hear about the lives of our young americans. imagine?n you brown said the simple words brought inspiration only to her to children in our future. autria: frame it, hang it up in the classroom. we know it is only august. if you are feeling frustrated, where you might want to head to feel some snow.
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veronica: it is going to the a hot one today. temperatures are in the 90's, but you will be able to see snow at the national harbor. the summer snow globe open tonight and runs until thursday, september 3. d.c. withis august in snow falling around you as you enjoy music and drinks. be sure to get the tickets in advance at harvard don't summer snow globe. it is like a nightclub meets winter. it is gorgeous. all right, hey, here is what we are talking about. temperatures in the 90'
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already this morning, it is gy, sticky, feeling uncomfortable. great falls now, 77, but it feels like 83. we will continue with the heat. believe it or not, we do not fall back into the cool pattern for a while. higher temperatures are coming back. 92 expected next tuesday after today's 90 and we will have triple digit heat index readings. your strongest storm threat after 3:00. probably until as late as 9:00 we will carry that threat. we will have a little bit of a break commitment part of the day, but even here, late morning developing, showers and even some thunderstorms. julie, if you're going out tonight, 79 to 84, and storms ramping up and ending well before 10:00. julie: we're taking a close look at 95 in maryland. heading northboundhi
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175. the crash between route 100 and 895. only one right lane is able to get by at this point. a lot of people over on me 1 asht five and route alternates. to travel four miles by way of 95 cost you or three minutes of travel time. that could cause you to miss a flight if you are heading toward bwi. we're suggesting alternate routes come over on route 1 heading northbound, that three-mile stretch will cost you. 95, avoid that is our traffic watch. we will be back in the next 10 minutes.larry come over to you. ok, julie. another tack overnight and the death toll rising in the last few minutes in spain. that is straight ahead. first, john gonzalez live with the latest from annapolis. john:
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another civil war era statue has come down, this time here in annapolis. the statue of a calvert county native, a supreme or justice, is gone. coming up, we will show
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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. 45 on your friday morning and waking up to a very busy morning. --ria: two breaking stories a controversial statue is gone as people are waking up at the maryland state house. larry: and the death toll in spain rises. autria: we start in annapolis and the statue of roger taney coming down. live: john gonzalez is after a busy night at the statehouse. john: good morning. a busy night m.v.p. or. a statue vested here for 150 years on the ground that the house in annapolis, in fact, right in front of the main entrance of the state house has now been reduced -- well, look for yourself. now a box covering the stone base. crews are doing their best to
6:47 am
a small group of spectators literally cheered when it was delicately hoisting the statue of supreme court justice base.taney off his payroll challenge to get into the area because of the large trees that surround the controversial statue. the second roger taney statue to come down this week along with three confederate statues removed yesterday in baltimore. it was back in 1857 that tony ruled against -- taney ruled against slave drives. -- dred scott. the governor had a change of heart and call for it to be removed. two days after a vote for it is now gone. it is stored now at in archives facility in maryland. it cost about $80,000 to have it removed. reporting live
6:48 am
washington." autria: john, thank you. in spain, officials raising the death toll to 14. a woman injured in the second attack in the seaside attack. in barcelona, 13 people were killed and at least 100 others injured. responsibility. police believe the driver of the van involved is only runs your three other people have been arrested. larry: president trump condemning the attack in a tweet, saying "the united states condemns the attacks in barcelona, spain, and we will do whatever it takes to help." autria: it is a follow-up tweet that is causing controversy. adrianna: moore controversy because the president tweeted this, "studying what general pershing did to terrorists, there was no more islamic terror for 35
6:49 am
ped bullets dip in pigs blood. historians say there's no evidence to support that claim. "economist" cover shows the podiumnt speaking at a with a kkk hood. and time magazine cover shows a man giving a nazi salute altering an american -- while draped in an american flag. he's disbanded his american policy council. it comes after ceo's and union masse ineft oen protest of the president of the response to the charlottesville attack. larry: an announcement will be
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robert e. lee statue. the mayor will announce plans to improve safety of future public events. a news conference is set to begin at noon today. autria: finally a sense of normalcy. freshmen will be moving in at the university of virginia, and they are getting help from events right here in the students are heading to charlottesville this morning for a day of service. they will meet with community members and organize events on campus. larry: in just a few hours, trooper pilot berke base and lieutenant pilot h. jay cullen were helping monitor wehner chopper went down. bates' funeral is this morning at the baptist church in richmond. llen's is tomorrow. autria:
6:51 am
police say a man tried to drag a woman into the was in reston and tried to sexually assault her. the footage shows a man wearing a brace all had with a beard -- with a beard wearing a baseball hat. if he looks familiar to you, call police rhetori right away. larry: a north east couple is recovering from a scary experience, there ir iphone caught fire. deangela: we were just talking, talking, and pow! the phone was on fire. larry: the phone had not been used in a wild. the parents have minor burns. the baby was not hurt. the company will look into the incident. autria: nationals principal owner might lerner says he is now --
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free after having surgery. radiation was complete back in march and he had surgery in notl, but his wounds did heal properly. now, and half $1 billion could be yours. there were no powerball winners again on a, so the jackpot is now up to $510 million. the next drawing is set for tomorrow night. buy your tickets and then share with your friends -- including me. slurpeeg news for lovers. it is bring your own cup day today and tomorrow. you can phil a cup or container with any slurpee you , including the new cotton candy flavor. store'sfit within the 10-inch diameter bring your own cup cut out.
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autria: oppressive today? veronica: it is two things. we have been dealing with rain, right? we have had rain, we have had cool, but today, back to storms and back to heat. areas around new york, all with a slight chance of severe thunderstorms today. it is within the whole area that we could have the high winds. maybe even some small trees and power lines. handful of power outages are possible. there is also the possibility of some hail coming our way. there is the front right now, well back to our west. into kentucky, that front, though, advancing very quickly to the east and a little wide here during the evening hours. that is going to release a slight drop in humidity to our area and at least for the weekend. arlington, virginia right
6:54 am
now, yes, we have got clouds. it is muggy and humid already. 90 your temperature later traded will feel like not just 95 but over 100. there is your storm during a 7:00 p.m. before things start to quiet down. i will be at the montgomery county fair this evening. 98 today, 88 tomorrow. we continue to warm. very much, julie, feeling like summer this upcoming weekend. as we take a look at monday right now with partly sunny skies from the solar eclipse, 90's before temperatures drop off. julie: all right, v.j. we are looking italy's northbound i-95 in maryland. this is where we have accident with a car overturned from the one lane getting by to the right you're setting up 175 pushing north heading up to bwi. better bet to stick with 295 or route 1
6:55 am
outer loop, coming toward 2 college park over toward70, no problems. -- coming toward college park 270, no problems. it is a 26 minute ride bank over toward manassas. that is our traffic watch. in 10 minutes will keep a close eye on your ride. let's say hello to our two pets of the day. sadie and autumn. yes, i am ready, i am ready, let's go, invite us over. at . julie: shame on you -- larry: shame on you, having your dogs do your dirty work. [laughter] autria: kidd o'shea is live with the crew at h
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we are hanging out with the cane show right now. say hello to intern john and 99.5.we are taught me by deadline for the "american idol" auditions. of listenersime that i'm sure are excited about this. they have until the end of the tok to go to sign and auditions them above what would your advice be as radio guys and what it takes to be a pop star? >> can i say -- do not take on a song that you cannot sing. do not do anything from "the bodyguard" soundtrack. houston,u are when he you cannot do that, it is going to sound bad -- trust me. we have seen the train wrecks. >> absolutely. it is best that it is discovered now. if you are in the front
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kidd: that is what is cool about the packages we have, you can jump to the front of the line. if you are a listener, /sing, version of the "good morning washington" song. >> what is the theme song? kidd: you can hear it right now. >> no, kidd, would you mind? kidd: i can't do it. john: ♪ good morning, washington ♪ >> the remix! kidd: we will hang out with them
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good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air. now a new terror attack in spain overnight following that horror in barcelona. this time suspects plowing into a crowded resort town armed with fake explosive belts. police taking them down. [ sirens ] >> just hours after this white van barreled through crowds at one of the top tourist destinations in the world killing at least 13, injuring more than 100 including an american sending families running for their lives. >> isis claiming responsibility. and this morning, the urgent manhunt. the driver still on the loose. as we learn more about the


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